Research $15 per hour plus cost of copies; with free look-up to see if any information is available.


95 thoughts on “Inquiries

  1. Mel Hennemann

    RE: Boxdorfer / Hennemann

    Hoping to find photos/more info of these men and their spouses.

    – Gottlieb Boxdorfer, born 1820 Weidnitz, Bavaria, died 1901 in Perry County
    – Johan Boxdorfer, born 1849 Cincinnati Ohio, died 1910 in Perry County
    – William G. Boxdorfer, born 1877 Perry County, died 1957 in Perry County
    – Henry Hennemann, Born 1829 Berghausen, Hesse,died 1912 in Perry Coun ty

    I have Find a Grave info on all of the above.

    Thank you.

  2. Rhenae

    Hi. I am trying to find out information on my second great grandmother. This is the information that I have. Her name was Frances “Fannie/Fanny” McMullin/McMillian. She was born about 1834 In Tennessee. The last census I have on her is in 1880 in Saint Mary,Missouri. She had Rheumatism and lived with her sons William and James.
    There is different spellings of the last name on Census but in 1880 they spelled it McMullin.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Hello, Rhenae. Please check your email inbox for a reply. Thank you!

  3. Brian Wibbenmeyer

    Do you know how I could find The Wibbenmeyers of DelbruÌ ck and Apple Creek Unknown Binding – January 1, 1994? I would like to buy one. Thanks.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Brian, I have reached out to some contacts to see if the book is still available. They can only be reached by email, so I’ll let you know just as soon as I have heard back. In the meantime, if you would please send an email to our office at we can keep in better touch. Bill Hart, Director

  4. Loubie

    I am looking for photos of Leslie Alfred Prost and his siblings. I know they lived in Salem, Perry, Missouri on the 1920 US Census. I’ve been told that his family lived in Perryville, Mo.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Hello. Please check your email as I have sent a message via yahoo. Could you please provide names of the siblings?


      • Loubie

        Harry Leo Prost, Stella A Prost, Thelma Louise Prost, Oliver Paul Prost, Valle Leslie Prost,
        Lorene Anna Prost, Julian Robert Prost, Grover A Prost, Allen F Prost, and their parents are Jules Antone or Anthony Prost, and Caroline Weinkein

    • Diane

      Thelma Louise Prost was my grandmother. We have a few pictures of some of her siblings.

      • Loubie

        Hello Diane,
        Do you have any of Leslie’s? Actually, all of them as I could put a face to them. Leslie was married to my cousin Tressie Bridgwood Wilks. I don’t know if you can see my email address but here it is, I would ask that you put Prost family photos that way it will catch my eyes. I delete emails that I don’t know who they are from.

      • Kara Taylor

        Diane, Could we connect as well? I have questions about the Prost side as well!

    • Diane

      Sorry, I’ve been unpacking from a move! Will get in touch with both of you.

  5. JoEllen Jansen

    Hi. I am looking for the death records of Henry Phillips b. 16 Mar 1796 d. 10 Mar 1884. This record was was published in “Abstracted from Deaths from Perry County Newspapers 1870-1890.” Also in that same publication those of Mrs. Louis Phillips d. 26 Jun 1885 and Mrs Frances J Phillips d. 23 Aug 1888.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Dear JoEllen,

      Thank you for your inquiry. The abstracts that you mention were published by the Perry County Historical Society documenting these obituaries in local newspaper articles. Would you like for us to copy these from microfilm? Charge is fifty cents per copy. We can send these by email or by USPS.

      Bill Hart,

      • Joellen Jansen

        Yes, I would very much appreciate copies of the above. Please let me know how much I will owe you for these copies. How would you like payment? Do you Venmo?

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      JoEllen, Please email me at or call me at the number below and we’ll settle the details. We unfortunately do not yet have a Venmo account.

      Bill Hart

  6. Breanna Wahlers

    Hello, I am looking for the incorporation papers for the Perry County Saddle Club from October 1961. Do you keep these records? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri


      This is Mary Kiefer, a member of the PCHS, the incorporation papers for the Saddle Club are filed with the secretary of the state of Missouri. Search business entities. They should have what you are lookin for on file. Mary

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Dear Breanna,

      I note that you are the registered agent for the Perry County Saddle Club. You can go online at the Secretary of State’s Office (same place you go to file your annual report) and see all of the filings from your corporation from it’s inception, including the articles of incorporation. I have been to look there and hope that this link will work for you. If not, simply go to the SOS page, go to corporate lookup, then select filings. Go all the way back to 1961 and you’ll find the articles of incorporation as the first document filed. Good luck! Here’s the link:

      Bill Hart, Director

  7. Don Feltz

    I am looking for a book by Rev. Carl Callier on some Perryville families.

    • Hello Don. Thank you for contacting the Historical Society. We have 2 books written by Father Callier: “The Family Tree of Agnes Conrad Blechle” and “The Baden Connection Between Baden, Germany and Perry County, Missouri” by Reverend Carl Callier, C.M. We sell these soft copy books for $20 each plus $4 for shipping both. We accept PAYPAL sent to Or you can mail a check to Perry County Historical Society, P. O. Box 97, Perryville, MO 63775.

      You are also welcome to make an appointment to visit our archive and view the books in person. Just let us know how we can help you.

      Dana Lintner Farrow, President
      Perry County Historical Society

  8. Jacob Bauer

    Hello, I am looking for “The parish censuses of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin for 1835 and 1846.”

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Assumption Parish Census 1835-1846 119 Pages $20.00

      1822-1856 Baptisms 106 Pages $10.00 *
      1822-1885 Marriages 118 Pages $10.00 *
      1822-1872 Burials 72 Pages $10.00 *
      * Set of the three above publications $25.00 *

      Postage and handling is $4.00 for one item and $1 for each additional three (3) items.
      We accept PAYPAL to or

      Mail Order to: Perry County Historical Society
      PO Box 97, Perryville, MO 63775
      For more information, call 573-768-2470.

  9. Lisa LaRose

    Hello, I am looking for the will of Anthony Brown who died April 20, 1824 in Perry County Missouri. Also, I would like to know if there is a will or any documentation of his wife, Frances (Beall) Brown. Thanking you in advance for any help.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Hello Lisa,
      Anthony Brown’s will for April 20, 1824 is Will #4 for Perry County, Missouri!! There are 2 pages and is in very poor condition, but still very readable. The cost of a mailed paper copy is $2.55 (includes postage) or emailed digital scan is $2.00.

      His wife, Elizabeth and son Peter are mentioned in this will. I did a quick search on Ancestry and found Anthony married Frances Beale in Nelson County, Kentucky in 1787. I also found a Marriage Bond between Anthony and Elizabeth Howard in Washington County, Kentucky dated 20 Apr 1811. I assume something happened to Frances before Anthony moved to Perry County with Elizabeth.

      If you would like copies, we accept PAYPAL at or can mail a check to P.O. Box 97, Perryville, MO 63775. Membership to Perry County Historical Society is only $15 per year and includes 6 newsletters per year, free queries added to our newsletter, ability to check out books from our genealogy library. Membership can be paid the same way.

      You are always welcome to visit our Archive & Library (by appointment only due to COVID) at 108 S. Progress Dr, Perryville, MO 63775.

      If you need anything else, you may reply here or email us directly at

      Dana Lintner Farrow, President
      Perry County Historical Society

  10. Norma Wakefield

    I have a question regarding you last newslett—You mentioned the Duerr family—my great grandmother was a Duer (one R) Just wondering if there could be a connection. I work at Reynolds County Historical and Genealogy Society

    • Hello Norma! Thanks for contacting the Perry County Historical Society. We are not aware of our Perry County Duerr family spelling their name with only one ‘r’. This Duerr familly was from Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany and immigrated to Perry County Missouri in 1872. The grandchildren and other descendents of Joseph Duerr gather once a year at our Perry County Museum (their grandparents house).

      Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

      Dana Lintner Farrow, President
      Perry County Historical Society

  11. Will Walker

    I’m looking for information on William Henry Walker (1785-1838), William Addison Walker (1812-1869), and Benjamin F Walker (1854- between 1900 and 1910).

    • Hello Will! Thank you for contacting us. What types of records are you looking for? We have records on probates, wills, guardianships, marriages, census, circuit court, family histories, and many more. We also had Walker stories and history in our 2019 Heritage Publication. William H and William A both died in Perry County, Missouri. Benjamin F was born in Perry County.

      Just let us know what you’re looking for, and a volunteer can check the indexes to see if we have anything.

      Dana Lintner Farrow, President

      • Will Walker

        Hello! Thank you for your response! The only documents I have ever seen regarding Benjamin F Walker (1854- between 1900 and 1910), his father William Addison Walker (1812-1869), and WAW father William Henry Walker (1785-1838) are marriage certificates and census records.

        So, here is what I hope to find:

        -probate and wills
        -death certificates
        -family histories, if any
        -marriage certificates for WAW and BFW (I have seen them online, but the scans are so bad that I can’t read them. It would be nice to have good high res scans that aren’t blown out!)
        -any other documents that may have them in it, that you all think of. I’m desperate for every scrap!

        Genealogy sites list a small amount of information about them, so I feel like I’m starting from the scratch. Thankfully, I have their names and some dates to go by!

        Also, I’m very interested about the Walker family history in your 2019 publication. Does it mention any of the above men?

        Thank you for your help!!

    • Mary

      Hello Will,
      I’ve just read your post from January 2021. It is the branch of my Walker family you read about in the 2019 publication. With the exceptional guidance of former Director Meghan Welker providing critical advice as I also followed legal records to research and submit info of my Walker family ancestors. Yes, there was a William Henry Walker in our line. He was not the same man you are looking to find. The birthdates are different. Would be glad to give you info on my Great-great grandfather William Henry Walker via email if you are still interested.

      • Hello Mary,

        Yes I am still interested in anything you have on your Walker family and William Henry Walker. Do you have the article? My email is

        Thank you!

  12. Susanna Litchfield (Dobbelare)

    I’m looking for any information on the Dobbelare family (Dedobbelare) out of Belgique.

  13. Susanna

    I am looking for information on Dobbelare (Dedobbelare) family from around Belgique. Working on our family tree. Thank you

  14. Terry Oswald

    I am looking for information on Christian Oswald, who was the original German immigrant Oswald to setting in Perry County.

    • We are so sorry for the very late reply to your inquiry! We have been without a director since May and are trying to address things with volunteers.

      What kind of information are you looking for? Christian died in Perry County in 1918, so we have his will and probate file in our archive. We also have all Perry County Newspapers on Microfilm so may have an obituary.

      Let us know and we will have a volunteer take a look. You are also welcome to make an appointment to research at our office.

      Dana Lintner Farrow, President
      Perry County Historical Society

  15. Leslie Eaton

    Hello, I’m looking for information on Benjamin F Hiatt (1812-1848) and his wife Martha Ann Hill Hiatt (12/5/1814 – 4/4/1893). Martha is buried in the Perryville Home cemetery. She is supposed to have an obituary in the 21 Apr 1893 Montgomery City Standard but I have not found a repository with this newspaper. Thank you.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Good Afternoon Leslie,
      I did some checking into your request, and I believe I have found some documents that may be of interest to you. I was able to find a death notice for Martha Hiatt in the 7 April 1893 issue of the Perry County Sun as well as an entry for her burial in our Home Cemetery book. I was also able to find quite a bit of information on Benjamin and Martha’s children, grandchildren, and possible other relatives from when they lived in Perry County, Missouri. For your convenience, I will email you a list of the records I have found so far and prices for copies. Any further research will be $15.00 per hour plus the cost of any copies. Thank you!

    • Skylar N.

      Hi! Is there anyway that I could get the info as well please?
      Thank you

  16. Randy Crain

    Would you have a family history to the McBee family?

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Good Evening Randy,
      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we have a book on the McBee family. Is there specific information you are looking for? We can always check our county indexes and other family files. You can respond on here, call us at 573-768-2470, or email if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you!

  17. Bonnie TODD

    one room school houses in Perryville crosstown area 1910-1920.s my mother helen brewer attend along with her 3 sisters Sylvia brewer,zida brewer and ruth brewer

  18. Donna Sandegren

    I am looking for a probate/will for Joseph Cleveland who died in Perry County between 1900 and 1910. In the 1900 census, we was living in Saline with his wife Mary Jane.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Good Morning Donna,
      Unfortunately, I was unable to find any references to Joseph Cleveland’s death in Perry County, Missouri. I checked our probates, wills, death notices and obituaries from the newspapers, and the family files and surname books in our library. You are more than welcome to visit our library and archives to check our church records, or I can continue researching this for $15.00 per hour plus the cost of any copies and postage. You can email me at or call 573-768-2470 if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

  19. Carrie Jodelka

    I am looking for information related to William McCauley (died 6/10/1843 in Perryville/Perry Co) and his wife Suzanna Anna McCauley (White) (died 4/7/1840 in Perryville/Perry Co). Are there any records available?

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Good Morning Carrie,
      I did some checking in our indexes, and it looks like we have an assortment of information on William McCauley, his wife, and children, including Probate records, Guardianship records, Wills, Circuit Court records, church records, land records, census records, and a copy of a book titled Lineage of William McCauley by George V. McCauley in our genealogical research library. Is there any specific information that you are looking for? That way, I can narrow the search down and get you better information on prices for research and copies. You can reply on here, or you can email

      • Ed Macke

        I am also looking for information on the McCauley clan, especially on Margaret Francis Keenan, wife of William White McCauley.

        Here’s what I have:
        William White McCauley was born 7/5/1831 in Perry Co, died 4/19/1900 in Blandville, KY.

        He married Julia Ann Thorp (b. 1828 in Perry) in Perry, MO on 10/17/1852. Julia died less than a year later, on 9/24/1853, perhaps during childbirth as I also show a baby McCauley who was born and died on the same day as Julia’s death, 9/24/1853.

        He then married Margaret Francis Keenen (b. 6/5/1835 in Philadelphia) on 1/26/1857 in Union County, KY.

        So it would seem that sometime after the death of Julia in 1853, William moved to Kentucky, where he married Margaret in 1857. In the 1870 and 1880 Census, William and Margaret are still living in Kentucky, and William eventually dies in 1900 in Kentucky.

        That all seems plausible, but here are some mysteries:

        1. Margaret was born in Pennsylvania in 1835, but by 1850 was living with a family named Mills in Union, KY. There is no mention of her parents. So who were her parents, and what happened that she was apparently living on her own with another family in Kentucky in 1850??

        2. Margaret dies on 8/7/1886, and is buried in Perry. It seems that William and Margaret were still living in Kentucky at the time, so what happened that she died in Perry? Was she visiting her in-laws?

        I’m wondering if you might have any records that would explain how Margaret Keenan was born in 1835 in Philadelphia, lived with the Mills family in Kentucky in 1850, then died in Perry, MO in 1886.

        I’m also curious if there are records verifying William removed from Perry to Kentucky between 1853-1857.

  20. Chett Huff

    I’m looking for Huff & Abernathy genealogical records.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Good Morning Chett,
      Thank you for contacting the Perry County Historical Society in Perryville, Missouri. I have done a preliminary search, and I think we have many records in our genealogical research library and archives that you would be interested in. Records for both families include: Newspaper Abstracts, Perry County Marriage Records, Assumption Baptisms, Census Records, Perry County Births & Deaths 1883-1893, Original Land Patents, 1915 Plat Book. For the Abernathy family, we also have seven Family Surname books, 1845 St. Mary’s of the Barrens Parish Census records, and Circuit Court records. If you provide me with the names and dates of your family members and what types of information you are looking for, I can narrow the search down. Here is our email address if you would like to respond there Thank you.

  21. Faron Bartens

    Hello, I am doing research for a project at SEMO about Singleton H. Kimmel. If you have any records that pertain to him would be great. I can come and do the research, but knowing which records to look for ahead of time would save a lot of time and effort on my part. So I would be greatly appreciative for any help you can offer!

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Good Morning Faron,
      Thank you for contacting the Perry County Historical Society. I will take a look in our indexes and see what I can find on Singleton H. Kimmel, and I will send you an email letting you know what I have found.
      Thank you,
      Meghan Helm Welker, Director

  22. Bonnie

    Searching Brewer Family from Perry County,Mo. also the Boxdorfer family

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Hello Bonnie! Thank you for contacting us. What types of records are you looking for about the Brewer and Boxdorfer families? We have records on probates, wills, guardianships, marriages, census, circuit court, family histories, and many more. Just let me know what you’re looking for, and I can check the indexes to see if we have anything.
      Meghan Helm Welker, Director

      • Bonnie TODD

        For starters my mother Helen Brewer and sisters attend one room school house in crosstown,mo is it still there? Harvey and Viola Brewer are my grand parents.

      • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

        Good Evening Bonnie,
        One of our volunteers is checking on the status of this schoolhouse now, so I will let you know when I hear any news. We can also check on any records on your grandparents, Harvey and Viola Brewer in the meantime.

  23. roarcreative1990

    I am interested in finding wills of many of my Perry County, Missouri ancestors from late 1880’s, specifically the families of Rhyne, Cotner, Bingee, and Corse. Do you have a publication on wills and probates. Thanks.

    • Perry County Historical Society of Missouri

      Thank you for contacting us! We do not have a publication that lists the wills and probate records, but you can find the indexes on this website. If you go to our homepage, look under “Library & Archive” on the left side. Click on “Collections” and scroll down. You should see the links for “Probate Court Records” and “Wills” on that that page. If you find something you would like to look at or if you have any other issues, just send me an email at

  24. Pattie Vines

    Looking for the names of the children of Thomas Henry Knott (1855) and Mary Elizabeth Miles, one son would be Joseph Henry Knott (1895-1939) he would be my grandfather.

  25. Lisa LaRose


    I am trying to find out any information on the Perry County Poor Farm and if there are records on specific inmates. In particular, I am looking for information on Zeff Hayden who was a resident there from around 1930 until his death in 1934. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  26. Whitney Cates

    Hi, I’m trying to find out the history and hopefully some pictures of what use to be the old Perryville hotel on the square.

  27. Looking for any information on William J. G. Hutchinson and family. He would have been my great great grandfather. Also looking for information on the marriage of William Trimmer and Nina Hutchinson.


  28. Looking for any information on William J. G. Hutchinson and family. He would have been my great great grandfather. Also looking for information on the marriage of William Trimmer and Nina Hutchinson.

  29. Laura Tullock

    I have my father’s school work from the one room school that was in the Catholic church in Belquic Mo. Would you be interested in it?

    • percohistsoc

      Sorry this is so late. Our new Director is still getting the hang of the website. We would definitely be interested! Thanks for thinking of us!

  30. Mary Kay Lyons

    I’m trying to identify the parents of Julia Ann Abernathy who I believe was born around 1819 and died around 1865. Her parents may be Harley Abernathy and Sally Abernathy. She married Clayton A. Abernathy in 1843, so both her maiden name and married name was Abernathy. Thanks for any information you can provide.

    • Theresa Hamilton

      Per my grandmother’s records you are correct. She has William Harley Abernathy and Salley’s maiden name was Rocket. I’m kind of new to all this ancestry stuff. per my notes there maybe a picture of Julia and her brother John. Contact me if you need more.

      • Mary Kay Lyons

        Thank you very much for the information. It seems to correspond with other information I found on

  31. Susan Jeffery

    I have some older photographs of ancestors from Marysville circa 1890- 1930 or so that I have scanned and stored electronically. Do you have a way to store scans for others to access? Last names include Palmer, Free, Brady, all from Marysville.

  32. Ellen O'Dell

    I am a direct descendant of James V Hynus, born 27, Feb 1862 and died in 1941 and Dora C. Russell (Hynus) born 31 July 1867 and died 27, Feb 1943 both of New Lexington. James V. Hynus was an Attorney and Probate Judge and Dora Hynus was head of the Times Recorder New Lexington Bureau. They were both prominent community members and James V. Hynus is part of the Book of Perry County publication. I have alot of family information but very few photos of James and none of Dora. I am searching for any type of archives that would provide photos of either, specifically Dora Hynus. I’d love to see what my 2x’s great grandmother looked like. Can you help ?

  33. Donna Angell

    I am interested in any information on my great grandfather, Leonard B Braun who was born in Perryville on September 14, 1858. I’d also like any information on Ignatius Braun and Sarah Otley, who I believe were his parents.
    Thank you very much

  34. Kathleen Zapien

    Hello. I am doing research on my Brewer side of the family and am looking for information on Charles and/or Thomas Brewer. They would have moved to Perry from Kentucky. Thank you.

  35. Joanne Jasper

    We are coming to Perryville, Missouri in a couple of weeks to visit Mount Hope Cementery to look for relatives–Is it open to visitors? Also would there be any way to find out where burial sites are located? I am looking for Callier’s, Brown’s, Tucker’s, Knott’s and more–are you the right place to contact about this –if not please let me know. We will be there for 2 nights so I hope to get some research done also.
    Joanne Callier Jasper

  36. From reading your booklet, I see that Spanish Land Grant 90 was originally held by Andrew Cox. My ancestor Ellen Everett the widow of John Burgett Everett owned it in 1898. How do I find out who the Everetts bought it from and who they sold it to? Thank you! Ann annhbu AT

  37. Samme Templin

    Looking for burial records for Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Perry Co., MO

  38. Media

    Could you please provide an update regarding my inquiry on the Shaner family in 1872? Was there an epidemic? Several died that year–mother Elizabeth and two or possibly three of her adult daughters. Judy Purcell

    Sent from my iPhone


  39. Theresa Sessio s

    My grandfather was edward albert stitcher. He was born in 1895 in perrry, missouri. His parents were William Sticher, a surveyor, and Katie Woods Sticher. Katie’s father was william woods. I believe william woods ran a boarding house, cafe and possibly a ferry in perry county. William sticher disappeared. William woods died in 1902. I am interested in any information that might be available regarding those issues.

    Also katie had at least one child after her husband supposedly disappeared. One child was fred “bonnie” sticher. I am curious if his father could be determined.

    • percohistsoc

      Hello Theresa, Thank you for your inquiry. We will have to get back with you in a couple weeks as we are going through a transition to a new Director for the Historical Society. Our recent Director has taken a new position and we are trying to get everything in order for the new Director. We should be back doing inquires in a couple of weeks. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

  40. Courtney Imblum

    Hello my name is Courtney Imblum and I would like to do my master’s thesis on Margaret Wister Meigs (she is the lady that turned the Fort Hunter Mansion into a house museum). I was wondering if you have any information on Margaret or the Meigs Family. Thank you!

  41. slmoore082090

    Greetings Lisa Alberts! We have some information on slaves. Just to be clear, this inquiry is for the Perry County Historical Society in Missouri?

  42. dale Bowen

    Looking for information on Bethney Jennings Thorp/Tharp. She was a Native American given to the Jennings family around 1803-7 when her family and others where moved out of the state. She grew up to marry into the Thorp family who lived in hemlock. Her daughter Dora Bell Thorp who married my great grand father Cephas Bowen who came from Wayne/Cabell counties in West VA. They where married in 1874 in New Lexington, Ohio.

    This information comes from the family history book on the Thorp’s, and the Bowen family Bible. I have four trips taht she might have been a member of: Shawnee, Miami, Erie, and the Manahoac. All where known to be in the county’s area at one time or another. I have no other information on the trips but do have her parents name. She died at the age of 92 around 1902/3 and she was buried in the Thorp’s family cemetery on their farm. Thank you for your help in this matter.

    Dale E. Bowen

  43. slmoore082090

    Hello Mr. Kuehnert;

    Thank you for your inquiry. We will be emailing you shortly!

  44. Paul Kuehnert

    I am doing research on my Kuehnert family relatives in Perry County and World War I. I would like to find out about local news coverage of the build-up to the war in late 1916/early 1917; the declaration of war in 1917 and any local opposition to it; the draft registration day in June, 1917; coverage of those drafted and subsequently serving in the army in 1917 and 1918. Thank you very much.

  45. Suzanne Flowers

    The families of Charles Harr and James Harr are both listed on the 1880 Perry Co. census, Saline Township. I am trying to establish whether they are the sons of Sanford Harr, who lived in Randolph and Jackson Counties, Illinois. Both Charles and James indicated on the census that they were born in Illinois, and their father{s} were born in Massachusetts. Sanford was born Sandford Hoar in Massachusetts in 1807. (The family changed the spelling of their name from Hoar to Harr.) I would appreciate any lookup you could do. Thank you so much.

    • slmoore082090

      Thank you for your inquiry Suzanne Flowers. We will be emailing you shortly.

    • Sharon Owsen

      Sanford Harr was my great uncle. His brother, Charles, was my great grandfather. I have a picture of them taken around 1880 on the Harr land in Texas if you are interested.

      • slmoore082090

        Greetings Sharon Owsen! Just to be sure, is this inquiry for the Perry County Historical Society in Missouri?

      • H J Flowers

        Hi. Is this the picture where Sanford is standing behind his brother and sister in law? Of so, I may have seen it in Thanks so much for your reply!

      • H J Flowers

        I’d appreciate any info you could share. I’ve wanted to speak with someone from this side of the family.


      This message is for Suzanne Flowers. (If this message will not be seen by her, please let me know so that I may try to locate her another way) Hi Suzanne. I am a descendant of Jeptha Harr and I have him as a son of Sanford Hoar/Harr. Did you get the verification you were looking for? I have him as possibly marrying two women but some of the info is confusing. I have his first wife, and Jeptha’s mom, as Delilah Estes who passed away in 1830 (the yr of Jeptha’s birth so perhaps she died in childbirth), and his 2nd wife as Rebecca Estes, who married him in 1830 and had more children with Sanford, which would include Charles and James, as well as others. Some list her as Rebecca Delilah Estes, as I think they believe the two women are actually one, which makes it confusing. I am assuming they are sisters. But I have these marriages as occurring in Randolph Co, IL, so I do not think this historical society in Perry is the one I need to speak to. I then am looking to verify who Delilah’s (and possibly also Rebecca’s) parents are. Thanks

  46. Nancy Fricke

    Looking for the family origin of Joseph Winters b Abt 1811, he lived most of his life in Liverpool.

    • slmoore082090

      Good Morning Nancy Fricke. If you could call or email us with more information that would be wonderful. Our number is 573-768-2470 or email: Thank you for your inquiry and we look forward to hear from you.

      Perry County Historical Society, Missouri

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